Thursday, 7 September 2017

Keira Knightley's Stalker Finally Admits Flouting Court Order With Chilling Tweets About The Star

Headcase: Revill
Film star Keira Knightley’s stalker has pleaded guilty to breaching a court order by writing threatening tweets about the star and her family.

Mark Edmund Revill, 50, flouted a restraining order in a series of chilling tweets that suggested the actress, husband James Righton, 33 and two year-old daughter Edie would be targeted at their £3.9m Islington home.

He tweeted: “My campaign of disobedience continues in Canonbury tonight,” and: “Keira Knightley and James Righton are not going to get much help from the police.”

The couple informed the police and on April 1 Revill was arrested at 4.15pm and police found a collection of 324 child pornography images he had downloaded form the internet.

Revill, of Glebe Road, Hackney had also tweeted an indecent picture of a child to the actress, which horrified the mum-of-one. 

“Ms Knightley sets out in her statement it was something that gave her particular anxiety since they have a young child,” prosecutor Miss Jennifer Knight told Blackfriars Crown Court.

Appearing in custody shaven-headed Revill, wearing a light grey roll-neck top and dark blue hooded jacket, pleaded guilty to breaching the restraining order between January 1 and April 1 by composing a series of tweets to Keira.

He shouted from the dock: “They were directed towards James Righton,” but the plea was accepted.

Tweeter: Revill
The order, made at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court on December 1, last year prohibits Revill contacting the 32 year-old star and going within 100 metres of the home she shares with ex-Klaxons musician James and their daughter.

He also pleaded guilty to making indecent photographs of children on or before April 1 and distributing an indecent photograph of a child via twitter on March 9.

Revill further admitted an additional, lesser charge, brought under the Crime and Disorder Act of sending menacing messages via a public online forum.

He claims he only made 88 indecent images of children, but the dispute will no effect sentence.

“These charges arise from the fact Mr. Revill was convicted of stalking, having attended Keira Knightley’s house over a period of eight weeks and posted postcards and other items through her front door,” explained Miss Knight.

“The crown will be applying for another restraining order in more stringent terms than before.

“We will ask for a Sexual Harm Prevention Order to prevent any further publishing of indecent images.”

Revill was remanded in custody until September 22 for sentencing and Judge Rajeev Shetty told him: “The psychiatric material requires some going into.

“You pleaded guilty to these matters and you will get some credit for pleading guilty. A second psychiatric report has been requested and it is not complete.

“There is no indication from me as to what the sentence will be. It will be either a hospital order or it could be imprisonment.”

Revill’s lawyer Miss Lisa Wilson revealed psychiatrists have not recommended her client be locked-up.

“They are recommending a hospital order, not requiring it to be a restrictive one.”

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

NY Banker Punched Children's Tour Guide In St. James' Park

No Moore Court: Leaving Hammersmith Magistrates
A wealthy New York banker, suspected of exposing himself while filming schoolgirls near Buckingham Palace, punched a female have-a-go, who chased him, in the face, shouting: “Get off me,” a court heard.

Robert Howard Moore, 57, who lives in a £3m two-bed apartment at in East 83rd Street, Manhattan was visiting his London girlfriend when he went alone to St. James’ Park.

When in the UK he lives in a nearby flat in Buckingham Gate, Victoria, a 16-storey landmark luxury development, where two-beds sell for £800,000.

Prosecutor Sharon Michael told Hammersmith Magistrates Court it was 1.30pm and a group of thirty Italian schoolchildren, aged between twelve to fourteen years-old, were in the park for lunch.

“He was sat alone and the witnesses saw he was unusually close to four of the schoolgirls, cross-legged with his mobile phone camera very close to his groin area.”

He was observed by a couple, Timothy and Nicole Dunkerley, the children’s tour guides, and the male of the pair walked behind Moore to get a better view of what he was up to.

The witness says Moore was exposing himself, but did not appear to give evidence at the trial so that charge was dropped.

“Indeed it is a fact his phone was seized by the police and downloads were captured of videos, including footage of girls sitting in the park,” added Mrs Michaels.

“It is not suggested it is in any sexual way, but we have a man sitting in a park very close to four girls, basically filming them.

“Tim Dunkerley was concerned and attempted to see what the man was doing and he confronted Mr. Moore, who then started running towards The Mall.

No Moore Pics: Camera Shy Banker
“Nicole Dunkerley started chasing him and grabbed him by the collar, attempting to detain him and Mr. Moore responded by swinging his closed fist towards her, connecting with her mouth.

“No injury was caused.”

In her statement Mrs Dunkerley said: “He swung his arm around violently with a closed fist, hitting the top of my mouth, shouting: ‘Get off me.’”

Officers were alerted by the couple. “They were shouting: ‘Police! police!’ and pointing at the defendant.”

Moore, who maintains there was no footage of the park schoolgirls on his phone, pleaded guilty to assaulting Mrs Dunkerley and using threatening behaviour in The Mall on July 12.

He was fined a total of £1,216 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

He was also charged with exposing himself in St. James’ Park, but the prosecution dropped the case after their witnesses failed to travel from Italy.

When quizzed by police Moore denied exposing himself in the park on purpose, explaining: “I did not deliberately expose myself in St. James’s Park.

“I was wearing loose-fitting shorts and underwear and was secure.”

Police also asked Moore if he was a “predator” or “paedophile” or was “excited by young girls.”

Moore’s QC Mr. Mark Cotter told the court: “He recklessly swung out at the lady and struck her a blow and she does not  dispute that she took hold of him.”

The court heard Moore was wearing shorts, sunglasses and a baseball hat and looked like a typical visitor. “He was out for a walk and sat down in St. James’ Park,” added the QC.

“He was on his telephone and this caused concern with the adults with the group of teenagers from Italy having their lunch.

“The male said words to the effect of: ‘Why don’t you f*** off’ and Mr. Moore accepts he raised his voice and said: ‘I will f*** off.’

“He started to jog away and the female took hold of his collar.

“There was an allegation of some kind of exposure, which he vehemently denies and if there was it must have been accidental.

“There were no videos or photos of these children on that phone.”

Moore, who spent two days in police custody while officers investigated the case, said in a statement: “I accept assault on a reckless basis.”

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

NOT GUILTY: Ex-Studio Head Cleared Of Sexual Assault

A former studio head at Universal Music was cleared yesterday of sexually assaulting a brand designer after walking her home following an evening’s drinking at his workplace local.

Dave Pollard, 56, was running The Engine Room - a recording studio he also designed - located at the entertainment giant’s Holland Park HQ, near the popular pub.

Married Pollard, of Merrymickle, Burney Road, Westhumble, Dorking, Surrey always insisted the act was consensual and an Isleworth Crown Court jury unanimously agreed.

The University of London graduate was found not guilty of one count of assault by penetration on January 14, last year at the 43 year-old’s studio flat.

The trial heard the woman had approximately six glasses of white wine at the Crown & Sceptre, Holland Road and took home another bottle from the pub, sharing a glass with Pollard at the flat.

She said she agreed to an innocent sleepover, assuming Pollard would remain on her couch, insisting there was no sexual attraction.

“I see him as a safer, older man. He’s hideous to look at, there’s no sexual attraction. He’s massive, like a beast, like Shrek,” she told the court.

However, Pollard says the woman allowed him to massage her feet in the flat, claiming she also sat on his lap with her arms around him. 

When questioned by police Pollard insisted the blonde-haired woman was the instigator, said prosecutor Mr. David Jenkins.

“He mentioned everything that happened was consensual and that she agreed and made the running and took her knickers off and pulled his head to her pelvis and made appreciative noises.”

The complainant disputed this and said she was suddenly woken at 6.20am by Pollard committing the sex act.

“I was asleep, had a weird sensation and thought: ‘What the hell?’ He said something to the effect of: ‘You tasted f***ing amazing.’

“I was disgusted, I was absolutely horrified. Coming out with a remark like that was revolting.

“To wake up to that experience is horrific. He is someone I’ve never flirted with or found physically attractive and he’s taken that opportunity while I was asleep to assault me.”

She denied allowing him to unzip her dress, kissing him in her bed and directing the sex act. “That’s an absolute lie, an out and out lie,” she told the jury. 

She also denied kissing and hugging Pollard as he left, with the defendant thanking her for a pleasant evening.

Three days later she reported Pollard to the police and he was questioned on February 18.

Universal Music have stated Pollard ceased working at The Engine Room last year.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Supermarket Perv Caught Filming Up Female Shoppers' Skirt

A Morrisons supermarket butcher caught a pervert filming a female shopper’s thighs and knickers up the unsuspecting woman’s dress as she bent down for items in the store.

Romanian grandfather Marcel Cucuiat, 62, twice filmed three-second clips up the shopper’s flowery black dress, but continues to insist: “I don’t know why I did it.”

The driver, of Hay Drive, Mitcham pleaded guilty to an act of outraging public decency at the supermarket in nearby St. Mark’s Road on July 21.

Prosecutor Mr. George Crivelli told Wimbledon Magistrates Court: “The witness, David McFarland, a butcher at the supermarket sees the defendant following the victim.

“He is seen using his mobile phone to film up her skirt when she is bending down to pick-up items on the display unit and is seen doing this twice.

“She was completely unaware this filming was taking place and the butcher informed a security guard and they both approached the defendant and took his phone off him and escorted him to a rear office.

“They asked him to unlock the phone, which he did and they saw two videos on the phone, showing footage under the female’s skirt.”

Police were called and arrested Cucuiat, who simply replied: “I don’t know why I did it.”

Mr. Crivelli added: “The footage is about three seconds long each time and shows the dress the victim is wearing, black with flowers and you can seen her thighs and creme-coloured underwear.”

Cucuiat, who arrived in the UK in October, 2015 with his wife and daughter, was questioned at Sutton Police Station.

“He broke down in tears and said: ‘I don’t know why I did it.’ He said he had never done anything like this in his life.”

Cucuiat told the officers: “I only went to Morrisons to buy coffee. I saw this woman in a dress bending over and took out my phone, I don’t know why.

“I wanted to take a photo and did it twice. It was on the spur of the moment. I feel so embarrassed. I did try to apologise at the time, but they did not let me.”

Cucuiat told the court he had no social life in the UK, save for his wife and daughter, and left behind a large extended family in Romania.

He was fined £150, with £85 costs and ordered to pay a £30 victim surcharge.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

NOT GUILTY: Theatre Man Cleared Of Molesting Young Actress During "Artistic" Rehearsal Process

A playwright employed at the Royal Court Theatre has been cleared of groping a young actress’s bum and breasts during one-on-one rehearsals, insisting the contact was all part of the creative process.

Simon David, 57, was alone with the 20 year-old in a room at the Sloane Square theatre working on a dramatic interpretation of his poems ‘E is for Ecstasy’ and ‘Kiss Not Over.’

David, of Tavistock Road, Notting Hill, who has worked in the theatre’s bookshop for sixteen years, always denied the charge of sexual assault on December 8, last year.

The 147 year-old venue is known as ‘The Writers Theatre’ and is renowned for non-commercial productions that encourage new artists.

It took an Isleworth Crown Court jury just fifteen minutes to unanimously acquit him after a three-day trial.

Afterwards David, who has never been in trouble, declined to speak about his ordeal, commenting: “I’ve already spoken enough about this case.”

The actress had told the court it was her second rehearsal with David and accused him of “grabbing my buttocks” and touching her breasts when they were alone.

He allegedly said afterwards: “It was fun trying to do that, knowing you’re not interested,” and: “If you had said stop I would have stopped up to a point.”

However, David told the court the contact was consensual: “The intention was artistic, creative and dance-driven.

“As a performer I’m a little over-the-top in my movements. We both went one hundred per cent into it, we were both passionate and very strong.

“It’s not just reading the poem. They have to do the movements and physicality.”

The actress claimed she made it clear she was uncomfortable with the contact, but was too frightened to flee the room, believing David would try to “kill” her.

That claim is an example of her “over dramatic” account of the events says David, who has worked with thousands of performers during his long theatre career.

He explained his ‘E is for Ecstasy’ poem includes embracing, but the actress says David deliberately pinned her hands behind her back.

“That’s what upset me,” he told the jury. “She says I was holding and grabbing her, but that is not the case.

“The hands behind the back was romantic in line with the poem along with a hand resting on the bottom, touching the throat and hand coming off her breast.”

He said the interpretation of ‘Kiss Not Over’ required physical contact. “It is passion-driven and she completely consented.

“She was going along with it in the context of the rehearsal and we were both in the moment.”

David denied he became “carried away” due to his passion for his work. “I have a very strong moral grounding,” he said.

“She was responding with full enthusiasm and dancing and embracing me in the same way I was embracing her.”

David said the door of the rehearsal room was open at all times with people constantly passing by.

When arrested he did not ask for a lawyer and gave a full explanation. “I did not think I had broken the law and still don’t. It was a shock when the accusations came.”

Saturday, 2 September 2017

'Lucky Man': Actor Must Pay £20 Per Week For Spitting In Paramedic's Face While Lying Drunk In Street

Court Date: Rhys Yates
A rising young actor, who has appeared in crime thriller ‘Stan Lee’s Lucky Man’ and hit comedy ‘Plebs’, spat at a female paramedic and called her colleague a “faggot” after being found lying in a pool of his own vomit.

EastEnders star Rhys Yates, 24, who has been cast as Julius in the upcoming Roman tv epic ‘Britannia’ described his own behaviour as “disgusting” when he appeared in court.

The drama graduate, of Gooch House, Portpool Lane, Clerkenwell has criminal convictions for a assault and public order and has been battling alcohol addiction.

He pleaded guilty to to assaulting Lisa Farrell outside Pizza Express, Bedford Hill, Balham in the early hours of August 13 and using threatening behaviour towards Shaun Glendenning.

Yates played the character Jake in ‘Stan Lee’s Lucky Man’ and Artemis in ‘Plebs’ as well as Rodney Bragg in ‘EastEnders’.

He will appear alongside actors David Morrissey, Mackenzie Crook and Zoe Wanamaker in upcoming historical action drama ‘Britannia’.

Prosecutor Mr. Kunal Dave told Wimbledon Magistrates Court it was 2.45am when a passer-by raised the alarm because of Yates’s condition.

“The ambulance crew found him lying next to a pool of vomit and began attending to him.

“He came around and told them to: ‘F*** off’ and shouted towards Mr. Glendenning: ‘You faggot.’

“He was told by the ambulance crew they were trying to help him, but he formed his hand into a fist and removed the mask that had been put on him to assist his breathing.

“He then then spat on the shoulder of the female paramedic, who was assisting him.”

Eventually Yates was placed with difficulty into an ambulance and taken to hospital.

He later explained that he had a few beers that night and was under the influence of alcohol.

The court heard Yates, who has a BA (Hons) in acting from Rose Bruford College, is a product of the National Youth Theatre.

“He is getting counselling for alcoholism,” said his lawyer Roz Olleson. “He has got a high-profile agent and has gone into acting with great success.”

She told the court Yates had £70 in his pocket. ‘That’s all the money he has in the world and he’s brought that today.”

District Judge Barbara Barnes fined Yates £110 for each offence and ordered him to pay £100 compensation to Ms Farrell and £50 compensation to Mr. Glendenning as well as £85 costs.

She read extensive references and letters of apology Yates has written to the victims and the passer-by who called the ambulance

“The alcohol issue is one that this young man has made efforts to address and is determined not to waste all the hard work he has put in to get where he is now.

“He, himself, wishes to address his difficulties with alcohol. He has obviously very carefully prepared these letters he is forwarding to the people involved in the case and to the lady he spat at.

“The passer-by got caught up in your rather unpleasant behaviour at the time,” the judge told Yates. “That gentleman was present when the defendant was using unpleasant language and shouting and swearing in his intoxicated state.

“From what I’ve read you realise your behaviour was extremely unpleasant and made worse by the fact this was towards the London Ambulance Service after someone called out of concern for your safety.

“You are full of remorse and realise how unpleasant and unacceptable this behaviour is and that alcohol is to blame and that you must stay away from alcohol.

“You have a record, but have been out of trouble for two years now, although rather troubling that did involve alcohol.

“I hope your career goes from strength to strength.”

Yates replied: “Thank-you” after being told he would have to pay £20 immediately and the balance at £20 per week.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Recording Studio Boss Denies Sexually Assaulting Drunken Woman He Walked Home From Pub

An ex-recording studio boss at Universal Music sexually assaulted a drunken woman he walked home from a pub, local to entertainment giant’s west London HQ, a court heard today.

Dave Pollard, 56, claims the early-morning sex act was consensual with the 43 year-old brand designer and art director after a drunken sleepover at her bijou Holland Park apartment.

Isleworth Crown Court heard the woman had approximately six glasses of white wine and took home another bottle from the pub, sharing a glass with Pollard at her home.

They agreed he could sleepover rather than return to his wife and daughters at his £1.0m six-bedroom home Merrymickle, Burney Road, Westhumble, Dorking, Surrey.

Pollard was head of The Engine Room, a fully operational studio and editing suite he designed and was a regular at the local Crown & Sceptre pub in Holland Road.

Universal Music boasts acts including Lady Gaga, U2, Katy Perry, Elton John and The Rolling Stones.

University of London graduate Pollard has pleaded not guilty to one count of assault by penetration on January 14, last year.

“He is always surrounded by a bevy of artists and talents,” the woman told the jury. “I never gave him any sign whatsoever, no flirting or anything like that.

“I see him as a safer, older man. He’s hideous to look at, there’s no sexual attraction. He’s massive, like a beast, like Shrek.”

She was wearing a red satin dress, black tights and black stilettos and was still fully-clothed when woken by Pollard at 6.20am, the court heard.

“I was asleep, had a weird sensation and thought: ‘What the hell?’ He said something to the effect of: ‘You tasted f***ing amazing.’

“I was disgusted, I was absolutely horrified. Coming out with a remark like that was revolting.

“To wake up to that experience is horrific. He is someone I’ve never flirted with or found physically attractive and he’s taken that opportunity while I was asleep to assault me.”

Pollard says the woman allowed him to massage her feet in the flat, claiming she also sat on his lap with her arms around him. 

She denies allowing him to unzip her dress, kissing him in her bed and directing the sex act. “That’s an absolute lie, an out and out lie,” she told the jury. 

She also denied kissing and hugging Pollard as he left, with the defendant thanking her for a pleasant evening.

Three days later she reported Pollard to the police and he was questioned on February 18.

“He mentioned everything that happened was consensual and that she agreed and made the running. and took her knickers off and pulled his head to her pelvis and made appreciative noises,” said prosecutor Mr. David Jenkins.

The woman told the court Pollard left around fifteen minutes later and she went to work as normal.

However, she says she did not feel confident leaving her home during the following days. “I spent most of Saturday in the shower.”

Trial continues…………..

Thursday, 31 August 2017

U.S. Blogger Who "Petrified" Parent And Travelled To Her Daughter's School Is Jailed

An American blogger, who harassed the Hampstead parents of children involved in discredited satanic paedophile ring allegations, has been jailed for nine months.

Rupert Wilson Quaintance, 38, a self-styled political activist and investigative journalist, took a selfie outside their children’s primary school and suggested he was armed with a knife.

He also posted a youtube clip in which he warned he would: “Kick down doors to take blood.”

Supporters financed the trip after also hearing him on the web’s ‘American Freedom Radio’ announcing: “I don’t want to kill them, just beat them up pretty good.”

He pleaded not guilty to putting four mothers and a father of pupils of Christ Church Primary School in fear of violence between February 1 and September 30, last year.

The Southwark Crown Court jury convicted him of harassing the father and one of the mothers and acquitted him of harassing the other three mums. 

He will now also be subject to a five-year Criminal Behaviour Order, aimed at ending his anti-social online abuse.

Quoting Quaintance’s compatriot, former US President Harry S Truman, Judge Martin Griffith told him: “If you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.”

The judge was referring to the defendant’s own complaint he was the victim of internet trolling and had suffered online harassment.

Organisational Management graduate Quaintance, travelled from his home in Charlottesville, Virginia and was staying at an address in Mill Road, Erith, where he was arrested on September 13, last year.

The one mum he was convicted of harassing told the court: “Things were put next to my daughter’s name that were horrifying, her photo was all over the internet.

“I was petrified. This man’s coming across quite violently, everything that comes out of his mouth is a violent attack.

“I have CCTV outside my house because my daughter has been identified. What do I do if I am seen outside with her? How do I keep her safe if he approaches me or comes to my house?

“My name was on the internet on a list of twenty parents and our addresses and he was coming to kick out doors down.”

The school pic was posted by Quaintance on his facebook page on the first day of term. “I was putting everything in place to protect my child and he was just feet from the entrance to the school and said he had a knife on him.”

Prosecutor Mr. Martyn Bowyer told the jury the father targeted by Quaintance was the parent of a girl, aged nine, and a boy, aged eight, known as ‘P’ and ‘Q’ who were at the centre of the allegations.

“The allegation was they were part of a large group of children in Hampstead, who had been sexually abused as part of a satanic cult in which there were human sacrifices and paedophile behaviour.”

“At the centre of the allegation was Christ Church and the father of P and Q was said to be the head of this satanic cult.”

The children were taken into temporary care, but all the allegations were dismissed by a High Court judge in March, 2015, who heard evidence from police, doctors and social workers.

Quaintance has blogged and broadcasted extensively on the case and under his Christ Church selfie pic, posted: “This is what my defiant face looks like.”

Mr. Bowyer added: “He gave the distinct impression he had in his possession a knife outside that school, but says it has all been a dreadful misunderstanding.

“He says it was an ‘in joke’ with a facebook friend in the U.S. and blamed differences in the cultures between the UK and USA.”

Police found Quaintance’s Excel spreadsheet titled: ‘Cult Details’ which had mostly blank columns headed with names, addresses, emails and phone numbers of parents, teachers and children.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Worshipper Cleared Of Assaults Outside Purley Mosque

A worshipper, accused of two seperate assaults on the same man outside Purley mosque, has been cleared of the charges.

Yesterday at Croydon Magistrates Court the Crown Prosecution Service finally ended their case against 55 year-old Adboul Afghan.

He has always protested his innocence and revealed in court he has spent £3,500 in legal costs to clear his name.

Afghan, of The Coppice, The South Border Purley had been charged with assaulting Moktar Tabti outside the Whytecliffe Road mosque on June 11 and July 1, last year.

There have been multiple court listings in the long-running case, which was listed for trial yesterday, but has now been concluded with not guilty verdicts entered on the two charges.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

NOT GUILTY: Actor Cleared Of Gay Sauna Spit Charges

Free Man: Hogas
A Romanian actor, accused of spitting in the faces of a customer and security guard at a gay sauna during a row over legal sex drug 'poppers', has been acquitted after they failed to turn up for the trial.

Cristinel Hogas, 38, best-known for US-funded multi-million dollar horror-thriller 'Slaughter' and drama 'Verity's Summer' was due to stand trial at Camberwell Magistrates Court today, where not guilty verdicts were entered.

Unsurprisingly he played his fictitious fellow-countryman Count Dracula in a Romanian Cultural Centre's production of the story at north London's Lion and Unicorn Theatre.

National University of Theatre and Film-graduate Hogas, of Dennington Park Road, West Hampstead was a customer at the landmark Chariots Spa, Vauxhall where he was accused of the offences.

He always denied the charges and was cleared of assaulting Hardeep Singh and security guard Patrick Tracey at the sauna on June 11.

Prosecutor Miss Binita Roscoe told the court: “He approached Mr. Singh and there was a conversation regarding poppers, with Mr. Hogas asking: “Can you get me some poppers?'

“Mr. Singh replied: 'No' and the defendant spat in his face twice.

Vauxhall's Chariots Sauna
“Mr. Tracey got involved because he is the security officer at the sauna and he asked the defendant to leave the premises.

“He refused and spat in Mr. Tracey's face.”

Hogas's lawyer told the court the actor was taking prescription medication for depression and anxiety and has mental health issues. 

Monday, 28 August 2017

Taxi 'Good Samaritan' Jailed For Sex Attack On Young Woman

A sexual predator, who pursued a woman half his age and insisted he had the right to molest her because he paid for their taxi, has been jailed.
Jeetender Singh, 41, offered to look after the 22 year-old woman as she tried to catch a taxi home from Piccadilly Circus in the early hours of Valentine's Day in 2015.
She had fallen ill during a night out with friends and Singh offered to help her as she waited for a taxi and also jumped in when it arrived.
During the journey she threw up and the driver demanded extra money.
Singh, of West Hill, Putney instructed their taxi driver to stop at a cashpoint en route so he could withdraw the additional money and paid the fare.
When they arrived at her North Kensington address Singh – who she knew only as 'Hazim' – followed her to the front door, insisting he would look after her.
The victim said she was fine and just wanted to go to bed.
As she went through the door and attempted to close it, Singh pushed past her into the flat.
The victim kept asking him to leave but he refused.
Blackfriars Crown Court heard the young woman collapsed into her bed and woke up to find Singh sexually assaulting her.
She told him to get off her to which he replied: "It's the least you can do for me, I paid for the taxi."
The victim then pushed Singh off her and he left her flat.
When she contacted police, the victim gave a detailed description of the man who had attacked her to police.
Officers spoke with the taxi driver, who identified the ATM they stopped at for the cash withdrawal.
The suspect was later identified as Singh through CCTV and the bank details obtained from the ATM.
He was arrested on July 6, last year at Heathrow Airport after returning to the UK.
He was interviewed and denied the offence, but was charged on 10 October 2016.
After a five-day trial Singh was convicted of assault by penetration and sentenced to five years imprisonment and made subject to an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order.
Detective Sergeant Paula Hill, from the Metropolitan Police's Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command, said: "This was a serious sexual offence committed with some element of planning by the defendant.
Singh completely took advantage of a vulnerable female after a night out in central London.
Once inside her home address on the context of helping her he refused to leave.
"The victim was left distraught by this attack, but has showed extreme bravery in attending court to give evidence.
“She is very pleased with the verdict and feels that she may have prevented Singh committing similar crimes on other women."

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Scumbag Targeted 91 Year-Old Pensioner's Life-Savings

A greedy heartless fraudster, who stole £90,000 from an OAP with help from an elderly stand-in, has been jailed.
Justin Sewell, 43, of Beulah Road, Thornton Heath transferred the majority of the victim's life savings to himself after convincing bank staff to add him to her account.
He was assisted at the NatWest branch by a woman posing as the victim and she continues to be hunted by police.
Sewell pleaded guilty at Croydon Crown Court to two counts of fraud and received 33 months imprisonment.
The court heard that on Wednesday, March 1, Sewell - who was not known to the victim - managed to have his name added to the 91-year-old pensioner's savings account.
On that day he attended the bank with an unknown woman who pretended to be the victim and they fraudulently completed the relevant paperwork to have Sewell's name added to the account.
On March 9, Sewell transferred £50,000 from the victim's account to his own and the following day, March 10 transferred a further £40,000.
On March 15, he was in a NatWest bank in Croydon when staff alerted police to his request to make a further withdrawal.
He was arrested by officers from Croydon that day and during this arrest he was found to be in possession of cannabis.
Detective Constable Sam Bennett from Croydon CID, said: "This was a deceitful crime in which Sewell stole a significant sum of money from an elderly lady's bank account.
"A swift police investigation established that Sewell had withdrawn two large sums and was seeking a third withdrawal when he was caught.
"Anyone who believes they have been a victim of fraud should call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040."

The woman who accompanied Sewell on his first visit to the bank has not been traced and anyone with information should contact police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Online Live.Me Child Sex Pervert Jailed

An online sexual predator, who incited a nine year-old girl to expose herself on popular youth site Live.Me, has been locked-up for four years.
Almost 300 users of the live streaming app witnessed the victim revealing intimate parts of her body while encouraged by 28 year-old Glen Friend.
He pleaded guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court to inciting the girl to engage in sexual activity and breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.
The east Londoner was also handed a two-year extended supervision order, which he will be subject to on his release from custody.
The case is believed to be one of the Metropolitan Police's first successful convictions relating to misuse of the highly successful 'Live.Me' app to gain access to young children in a bid to groom them.
The app is one of the fastest growing of its type worldwide and users have limited control over who views their posts/videos.
Friend was arrested as he left prison having served time for breaching sex offender notification requirements.
He was caught after an intelligence-led operation directed officers to the fact that he was engaging with a young female user on the Live.Me service.
The Sexual Harm Prevention Order that Friend was subject to expressly forbade him to communicate with any individual under 18 years of age via social media/the internet.
During May Friend was heavily involved, along with a number of other users, in encouraging the girl into the sexual actions.
Detective Sergeant Fenton Davis, from the Waltham Forest Jigsaw Unit, said: "This application is extremely well used by children.
Those who register seek to gain 'likes' and 'electronic gifts' from other users.
The more they receive, the higher their status within that online community.
"Glen Friend is a predatory sexual offender, who targeted a vulnerable victim via this app.
“Offenders who seek to hide behind an online username in an attempt to hide their identity will be relentlessly pursued by investigators.
"We would like to thank South Yorkshire Police for their assistance with our investigation in helping to identify the child concerned.
"The amount of damage this type of encounter causes to these very young victims can be extensive.
“It became apparent from our talks with the girl in this case that she is easily upset and very sensitive after what she has gone through.
"Parents should be ever vigilant of their child's activity on social media sites, particularly in regard to video streaming apps.
"This conviction clearly demonstrates that people who use these streaming sites for criminal means, in particular to commit sexual offences, will be tracked down and prosecuted for their actions.”
Live.Me removed the footage at the request of the police, who are continuing to identify the other users.